Redefining the Essence of Beauty
Why were you attracted to the beauty industry?
Our Puranas say that the Devas and Danavas appreciated beauty in its true form. Then how can a human being, a creation of the aforesaid, live without the same appreciation? It has been noticed that humans had always been concerned about their bodies, be it hair or skin. In other words this concern has now developed into a race where every individual wants to look better than the next one. And when one enters a particular age group, that is after one turns 30, the natural consistency starts to fade and thus people seek advice from professionals at various beauty parlours and therapy salons. Thus, I wanted to know how to redeem my natural beauty and came across a biography of Shahnaz Hussain at the time. After going through her biography, I knew that beauty was my niche and thus I tried my luck in this industry. And with God’s grace I succeeded.

Being in the line of beauty care for the past 16 years, I have come across several products that are circulated in the market. To my shock and surprise I found that most of these products are not up to the mark. Moreover they are harmful to the hair and the skin because of the amount of chemicals present in them. Hair and skin are the most sensitive parts of our body and they need very special care. Thus I decided to use my knowledge and create my own line of products which have no harmful side effects.
How much of a help were your financial resources and contacts?
Money and contacts are equally important in launching a brand of herbal products. But a lot more goes into it. My experience and knowledge in this field will surely reflect in my range of products. Moreover, looking around, there are hardly any reasonable herbal products for the masses. But I aim to satisfy them as well.
Is your product and company worth mentioning in the market?
It is absolutely worth a stand in the market. My product is a result of hard work over several years. The products have been made with tremendous care and we believe that the name and the products will soon become a recognisable brand.
How is it different from your competitors' products or from other herbal products available in the market?
My products have been developed in a very clean and confined area, with the formulae being made and approved by experienced chemists. My products are 100% herbal and are LPG and mineral-free. They have no side effects and are completely safe to apply. The aim, thus, was to make the products absolutely different from what is available in the market already.
Who are your competitors according to you?
Well there are several competing companies and products out there in the market nowadays. But my main competitors are the herbal product manufacturers.